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Choosing the Right Cleaning Products for Kids

During the design process of the Chore Guides, I was not only puzzling out a way to get my kids more involved in helping with the chores, but what cleaning supplies to entrust in their care.

One major roadblock I encountered was what type of cleaning products I wanted my kids to use while doing their chores. I shuddered as I imagined my five-year-old trying to navigate a drippy bottle of spray bleach. I could easily picture a perfect little trail of bleach drops across my brand new carpet, or windex dripping across my brand new hardwoods… No, thank you!

After a quick trip to google and (subsequently) a lot of research, I discovered the magic of microfiber cloths. I was surprised to find that microfiber cloths were the obvious choice for cleaning-not only for my kids, but for me, too! Using microfiber cloths not only protected my house from drippy bottles of harsh cleansers, but it also protected my kids from drippy bottles of harsh cleansers. The only ‘ingredient’ they required was water.

Yep, Just wet the cloths with water.  No sprays or chemicals.

I know, I was dubious too, but after watching countless youtube videos and reading website posts and blogs singing their praises, I was determined to give them a try.



So, what is the science behind cleaning with a microfiber cloth?   The simplest explanation is this: millions of teeny, tiny fibers (smaller than the hair on your head) are woven together super tightly and, when used with water, are able to suck up dirt, germs, bacteria, and all manner of grossness up into the cloth…and hold it there.  It won’t smear or redistribute the bacteria once it’s been sucked up.  It’s safe to use on any surface that can tolerate getting damp.  You don’t have to worry about sprays, chemicals, nothing drippy or dangerous for children to handle.  All the child has to do is get the cloth wet and wring it out and they are good to get cleaning…and when they are done, they can hang the cloth in the sink for continual use or a trip to the laundry.

Aside from weekly chores, I also use my microfiber cloths on a daily basis in my kitchen.  I will use the same cloth for several days (rinsed well and hung to dry between uses) unless I clean something especially germy, such as raw chicken.  Along that same vein, I break from my chemical-free cleaning when someone in our house vomits.  Even though the science is behind microfiber cloths, even for stomach viruses, I still go full bleach…because I’m just not going to mess around with stomach virus germs.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.


I know what you’re asking. Where can I find these magical cloths? Well lucky for you, microfiber cloths are sold all over the place. You can find them on Amazon, Target, even at the dollar store! If you’re on the fence about cleaning with microfiber cloths, grabbing a pack of cheaper cloths is a great way to see if you like using them.

 It has been life changing to find this method of cleaning. I set my kids free with their wet cloth and they get their chores done without ruining any of my countertops, carpets, floors, or surfaces.  I don’t have to buy any consumable cleaning products anymore, which has ended up saving us a lot of money.  They are also super easy to care for.  Once my kids are finished with their chores they throw the used cloths in a sink where I gather them up and throw them in the wash.

As for my family, we are already converted to using microfiber cloths, and have been using E-cloths to clean our home for four years now.  They are super high quality with the advantage of also being affordable. If you want to try them out for your family, I recommend starting with their starter pack that includes four multipurpose cloths and one polishing cloth.  I am in love.

Not only do they work for hard surfaces, E-cloths can also be used on shiny and stainless steel surfaces.  There is a special polishing cloth that is used after the mirror/glass/appliance has been wiped down with the regular cloth.  This polishing cloth with make your surface gleam as nicely as if you had used glass cleaner.

If you’re not ready to make the investment into E-Cloth, you could also order a less expensive package of microfiber cloths from Amazon.  Try them and see how they function for your family!


Microfiber cloths are super easy to care for. To clean them, you stick them in the washer with some fragrance free detergent (I have heard that fragrances can clog the microfibers) and wash and dry them only with other microfiber cloths…and that’s it.

Finding this cleaning solution has been such a game changer for chore time in our house.  I hope this post will help you as you set out to find the best cleaning options for your family!

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