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Morning Routine Step by Step Daily Chore Guide


This Daily Routine Chore Guide purchase includes the following two files:
*Morning routine- waking up and getting ready for school.
*Morning routine- waking up and getting ready for the day.

This Guide can also be purchased as part of the Routine Chore Guide Bundle:

Each step of gettin ready for the day/school is included on this guide.

Guides are vertically sized 8.5×11 and are ready for digital download.

***Please note that this guide and all ‘daily chore guides’ ARE NOT INCLUDED in the Weekly Chore Bundle. ***

I recommend you choose the chore guides that apply to your home, print them, and laminate them (if you wish). For all chores, I offer guides that use only microfiber cloths for completely clean or green cleaning. Many times I also offer options with conventional cleaning products, such a Clorox wipes. If you would like to use a cleanser or spray with your cloth, just add it to the cloth before your child starts cleaning.


I created the Chore Guides to provide a visual guide to daily tasks. There are many children who struggle to remember each step of routine daily tasks around the home. I found myself teaching them the same things week after week, only to have them forget steps the next time they were asked to help with them.

With these visual guides, tasks are done quickly and correctly! I am no longer micromanaging, double checking, or hovering over my kids when they are asked to do these chores.

UPDATE: I have received overwhelming feedback that these guides work as a great visual aid for children who are visual learners, autistic, ADD/ADHD, have trouble staying on task, or who otherwise need the visual steps listed for them. If you are here looking at the guides for this purpose, you are in good company! <3

I love getting feedback on how the guides are used. Please always feel free to message me and let me know how your experience is going. Thanks!


"These are absolutely perfect! I love that the pictures are of children performing the task. They help my son relate to children having to do chores. I have printed them out and put them in a binder. My son decorated the front of his 'Cleaning Binder' with cleaning stickers I had for my personal planner."


"Easy to download. It has worked great, especially for my ADHD kiddo, who needs more visual cues so she doesn't get overwhelmed."


"These are awesome! They have helped my kids do a better job at their chores on their own, and feel that they did a good job instead of a half job. Now I get more opportunities to praise them for a job well done by following all the steps of the job."