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Three Tips to Help Chores Run Smoother

If your kids are anything like mine, the word ‘chores’ sends them running for the hills.  I dream of the day that my kids cheerfully carry out their chores, but that dream is slightly under the dream of winning the lottery…so what I’m saying is that if a genie pops out of the bottle to grant me one wish, that wish is taken.

Anyway….Chore time.

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to read through my post, Creating the Chore Guides, so you can get an idea of what the Chore Guides are and how they play a big role in chore time at my house.  We typically do our deep cleaning on Saturday mornings, in between soccer games or whatever seasonal extracurricular activity my kids are involved in.  We don’t really have all day to get these chores done, but it’s important that we keep up on them weekly so that nothing gets so far out of control that they can’t manage the chore themselves.  The following tips are meant to help keeping chore time running smoothly.

Tip #1:  Set out all the supplies in a common area.

This is pretty self explanatory, but an important tip nonetheless.  If all the supplies are routinely set out in the same spot each week, your children will quickly learn where to look for the supplies on their chore helper and stop constantly asking you for these things.  I highly recommend using microfiber cloths when having your kids do chores!

Tip #2:  Make sure you have kept up on maintenance cleaning.

What’s this, you say?  I have to clean in order for my kids to clean?  Unfortunately, yes.  You will quickly find that if you set your child out to clean your wooden staircase with a duster, and you haven’t swept that staircase in a month, your child is not going to get very far.  Likewise, you can sure try to give your child a wet cloth to wipe down the garbage cupboard, but if you spilled spaghetti sauce all down the inside and let it dry into a stubborn spaghetti glue, your child is most likely going to give up on that mess immediately.  Which brings me to….

Tip #3:  Manage your expectations.

Even with the Chore Guides you are going to have to manage your expectations when it comes to the cleaning abilities of your child.  I have had a lot of success with my children of varying ages being able to mix and match the chore guides and complete the chores.  However, as I mentioned above, there may be times where the chore has grown past the point of the child completing it without your assistance.

Hopefully following these three tips will help you keep chore time running like a well oiled machine!

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